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Running Blind

Poetry by: Sean King
Creative Design by: Creativity Ainta Side Hustle

Creativity Ainta Side Hustle

Running Blind


Change Your Mind

Don’t waste life dedicating your time to fighting “against” all that’s wrong in the world when you have the opportunity to fight “for” all that’s right in the world..

This simple paradigm shift in your thinking can make all the difference in the world, and in your life.

Thoughts on Life and Love

Because of you I have no regrets
If I made any mistakes in life they brought me to you
Those mistakes resulted in lifelong love, friendships, blessings
I could go now and have two lifetimes worth of happiness
and not enough regret to fill up even one second of life

It makes me wonder
Did I even make mistakes in life
Why would I even want to go back
Why would I even think of going back to change anything
at the risk of losing everything that’s important?

You complete me