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Rachel Dolezal…. Now quickly give me the names of an unarmed black woman who has been shot by the police. Give me the name of the black women who are presidents of the NAACP and fighting for Civil Rights. Give me the names of black women in your community that are putting in work for the community and standing against racism and all of the injustices that you face…

What has just happened is a 37 year old white woman, who posed as a black woman, who is the president of the NAACP in a city named Spokane with a population of approx. 200,000 people of which less than 5,000 are black has just blown up the Internet. Undoubtedly she will become rich from interviews, book deals, and people wanting to hear her story.
Meanwhile, there are many black women (and other women) that are being killed, harassed, and abused while we turn a blind eye to the injustices being committed against them. These women, whose names we don’t know, whose stories we don’t care about, whose lives don’t matter to us will never be famous, well paid, nor receive books deals to talk about their lives.

Meanwhile, there are many women being their authentic selves that are fighting against injustices all over this country (and world) that we will never bother to study, to research, to know.
Meanwhile, there are many women in your local community; that are barely getting by because they have dedicated their entire lives to educating, uplifting, raising, helping, and making a difference in our community in any way they can. Women who are essentially begging for your support and yet ignored daily.
Meanwhile, we have again been bamboozled with a story that while sensational, potentially educational, and even amusing has done nothing more than to distract us from real issues surrounding us and the work that needs to be done.
Now, let’s get back to the business of using our God given gifts to uplift and move forward the people in our lives and in our communities that need our full attention. Let’s get back to the tasks of making this world better. Let’s focus on our journey to a better tomorrow.
Sleep well, wake up refreshed, get out of your bed and slap the devil in his mouth to let him know that you’re not taking any of his shit… ~ Sean King

Myrlie Evers-Williams – Former Chairwoman of the NAACP (National)



My Thoughts on the Latest Shooting:

…an unarmed man was murdered by a police officer while trying to run away… this is not shocking; in the community I grew up in it’s common knowledge that not all black people are thugs, not all cops are honorable, and there are times, too often, where the cops are the thugs murdering innocent civilians, planting evidence, illegally detaining and beating us up under the guise of broken taillights, tinted windows, speeding violations, and fitting the description of… I myself have had five cops pull their guns on me over a “broken taillight” among other incidents… Like I said, where I grew up, it’s common knowledge that not all black people are thugs, not all cops are honorable, and the murder of an unarmed man is not new to us…

…it is shocking, even with the video evidence, that this officer has been arrested and charged with murder… but I doubt that many of us believe that he will be convicted or serve any serious time if he is… we struggle with being patient and believing in a justice system that has continuously failed us, so you have to excuse us if we don’t believe this latest incident will result in any punishment for the perpetrator of the crime against human life…

…the fact these officers continue to commit these kinds of acts, knowing that they are potentially being recorded shows that these are not isolated random incidents, but a part of their culture and that they don’t believe they will be punished for their actions. Otherwise, they would stop foolishly committing these acts on camera.

…I am thankful for the recent barrage of video footage, not because I believe there will be a conviction, but because people who aren’t from my world (there is more than one America in America), are having their beliefs challenged and being presented with evidence that disputes the long held American belief that the police are always acting honorably when they do harm to a civilian…

…the truth is, we have been telling you for years about these heinous acts committed by officials of the government, but you have never believed us… and even with the videos, you are still struggling to reconcile the idea of a crooked cop against your belief that cops by definition are good people…. Cops are just people, some honorable and good, others abusing their power and corrupting the system…

…now we wait…. ~ Sean King

Dr. King the Revolutionary


Kill the man. Sanitize the cause. Make him an American hero. Give the people a holiday. Let the people have their sanctioned marches and rhetorical speeches on his dream… But whatever you do, never let it be known that King was killed, not for his stance on race but for his position on war. For his desire to see equity across humanity. For his work to build coalitions with other non-black groups who stood for the same things he stood for. For his push to ensure every citizen in this rich nation had guaranteed income levels so they too could compete for this dream of ours.

Dr. King was not just a Civil Rights leader who wanted little black boys and little white girls to be able to hold hands without fear of persecution. Dr. King was a revolutionary that questioned America at its very core.

I too celebrate the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The problem is, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same King or the same dream. We’ve made progress, but we’re no where near where we need to be; meaning we still have work to do. ~ Sean King