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I Can

They’re trying
to make you grow up
to wake you up from your dreams
to encourage you to forsake your God given talent
to deceive you into boxing yourself into their
Safe, ambition-less life

They’re trying
to convince you
that you can’t be successful
doing what you’re doing
to get you to open your eyes to their reality
to scare you into
Playing it safe

They’re trying
to make you believe
that your dreams lack foundation
are a dead end road to nowhere
are impossible
not achievable
that it is better to work hard
doing something safe than to
pursue with reckless abandon
the only thing that can ever
Result in your happiness

Don’t believe them
don’t let them convince you
that it’s better to be like them
than to become the dream
God intended you to be

Don’t let fear paralyze you
don’t let worry destroy your passion
don’t let regret become your future
don’t spend another second embracing
the idea that you can’t do it
You can!!

..and every time someone doubts you
clear your mind
until all you hear are two words
I Can

..and every time you face an obstacle
that makes you hesitate
because you’re unsure if you can go on,
clear your mind
until all you hear are two words
I Can

..and every time it seems fate
is conspiring against your dreams
is testing your fortitude
is working diligently to make you give up hope
clear your mind
until all you hear are two words
I Can

I Can

I Can

Yes, you can
as long as you
don’t let them wake you up
From your dream


American Griot, What I See (A Free Write)

Have you ever
watched someone
stuck in concrete glue
reaching for cheddar
cheese in sight
unable to free themselves
from the grasp of struggle
slowly draining
as they claw
to lift their head
to breathe
one breath,
just before
letting go
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
food just beyond their reach
slowly starving
desperately trying
to overcome
the gravity of
their situation
just before
being crushed
under the weight
of “Denial”
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
swing their arms wildly
kick frantically
reach for air
grab for anything
or anyone
they can get their hands on



at a man
teasing them
with a life raft
just before
being overcome
by the elements
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
just on the other side
of the tracks
by poverty
lack of education
limited resources
unlikely to escape
their conditions
while the people
who were elected to
represent them
stand by
padding their
watching their
in the
of ghetto despair
just before
sending them
to die
in a war
for more
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
taken advantage of
by false
pocketing profits
on promises
of delivering dreams
Social Security checks
ripped from frail fingers
in exchange for
in the form of
“Miracle Water”
“Prayer Cloths”
just before
everything they owned
was taken
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
into prostitution
beat relentlessly
hope snatched
from wombs
by strange
for the almighty
just before
committing suicide
after they came to the realization
that the rainbow was not enough
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
get raped
by Priests
holy water
dipped fingers
deep in virgin wombs
to the brink
of insanity
in the name
of the Almighty
just before
being attacked
by the congregation
for speaking out
against their assailant
I have

Have you ever
watched someone
by the pressure
of the rat race
turn to the sizzle
of crack pipes
poison their
suffocated veins
with rubber ropes
and dirty
for a high
that will never end
and that their broken
will never resume
just before
tapping their arm
one last time
and pulling the trigger
on life
I have

I have
right here
in the land of the free
home of the brave
self proclaimed leader
of the free world
place where happiness
is something you buy
not something you have
not something you are

Have you ever
watched men
and women
and children
stand together
in unity
equipped with
engulfed in the spirit of humanity
as they work to repair lives
after they watched
the horror
of people jumping out of
collapsing buildings
earth shaking
hurricanes ravaging shorelines
houses ripped off their foundations
and man’s creations
washed to sea
like a gnat
being blown away
by the awesome power
of a kid
blowing out birthday candles
after making a wish
that his missing parents would
somehow find their way home
I have

I have
seen the worst
and the best
and no matter
how much negativity
I’ve seen
I see
I believe
America has a soul
buried deep in the hearts of the people
that if unleashed will lead us to new heights

Hope still exists
in America
it’s time for America
to stop letting the people down
and to become that dream
they claim to be

How Could It Be?

Do you know what sucks?  

What sucks is spending your whole life
chasing that elusive thing you believe
will make you happy

That relationship
the acceptance letter
that scholarship
the degree
that job
the house
that marriage
the steps on the ladder
and those kids,

All perfectly laid out
right in front of you
each forward move
promising to make you happier than
the place you were previously at

Each new accomplishment
guaranteeing a greater level of joy
than the last thing you did

You pursue,
eyes closed and focused;
mouth open and charging;
eyes straight ahead reaching
for your prey – err your dream

So close!!  
A tweak here,
a change there and you’ll have it
that elusive thing called happiness

Almost catching your dream
spawns new hope,
making you believe
that you’re on the cusp of reaching
all that you’ve worked your whole life for…

And then “IT” happens
you finally catch your dream
you’re standing on the plateau
of your life’s work
all that you have fought against
has been defeated
all that you have fought for
is in your grasp as you stand
basking in the glow of your accomplishment  

The only problem is
you feel empty inside
confused, because you’ve done it all
and still lack that feeling of

How could it be?