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I Never Considered Myself to be a Love Poet

I never considered myself to be a “love poet”
I mean,
I don’t write about candle lit dinners
or romantic getaways
or massages
or toe curling sex on the roof top of my humble abode
nestled just underneath the moon
lit only by the North star
where the only breeze
is generated by our bodies
clenched tightly,
thrusting to synchronized rhythms
drenched in juices that rise high
like ocean tides
and slap
against our shore
like tsunamis
caused by the quake
of our back breaking technique
followed by chills
as your waves recede

I never considered myself to be a “love poet”
because, when I’m with you
It’s not making love
It’s not poetry
it’s breathing
you are the oxygen
feeding the flame of my life
a nipple
providing nourishment
for my hungry lips
you are my heart
pumping dreams
through my veins and into existence
you are
the salvation of my soul

..and there’s no time to waste
writing silly poems
about love
when you’re living it..


You Can Keep…

You can keep
the crowds

I want
the listeners
the participators
the if you want it then go get it people

You can keep
the I’m just going through the motions
routine Hallelujahs
fake ashe finger snapping
stage Revolutionaries

I want the critical thinkers
the true believers
the visionaries
the don’t have time
to pat you on the back
“just” because you grew up
in the same neighborhood people

You can keep
the out of touch intellectuals
the Facebook debaters
the barbershop politicians
the New World Order
mark of the beast
third eye regurgitators

I want people that understand
just how dire our situation is
and will do something
more than talk about it online
debate about it over dinner
get bent out of shape at the water cooler

I want people that will internalize it
make it their personal mission
and then organize
to make the world better

You can keep
the spectators

I want the coordinators
the leaders
the movers
the ask questions
shake it up
and change it people

You can keep
your tea party
your racists birthers
your pro life
turn their back on the kids being killed
that are already here people
your republic masquerading as a democracy
your aristo-cans and aristo-crats
your small government
big bailout
big bank
big profit
do nothing for the people,

I want politicians that are not for sell
care more about the people
than their political punch lines
don’t waste our money on steroid scandals
when the country is falling apart
do more than work on getting reelected
are accountable

You can keep
the lies and their originators
for today’s problems
We need the realest

I don’t mean
Keep it real like
slanging dope
busting caps
f*cking hoes
riding on 24s
letting my girlfriend carry my stash
dope slanging
you don’t own the block
street corner gang banging real

I don’t mean
Keep it real like
war for oil
dropping bombs on civilians
under the premise of saving civilians
while covertly funding dictators
hypocritically screaming democracy
with your imperialistic policies
ignoring genocide overseas
unless it impedes your ability
to pad your interest at home
dope slanging
governmental gang banging real

I’m talking real
family real
father til’ I die real
do what you say you gonna do real
deliver on your promises real
be who you say you are real
no closets in your world real
brave enough to fight
when the odds are stacked against you real
humble enough to walk away
when the odds are in your favor real
enough sense not to kill your own real
enough courage to forgive real
put love first real
work for the community real
heavy lifter
steady climber real
stay on the grind
for us
for our freedom real

You can keep
every little bit of your bullshit
to yourself

I want the truth

No disrespect..but time is precious

As nice as it would be to know about everything in the world, to support every worthy cause/event, and to simultaneously chase 1000 dreams. I’ve learned you have to focus and prioritize your time if you’re serious about accomplishing what you were sent here to do. So if I don’t support everything you do, it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I can’t always afford to.. but I love you and always wish the best for you.