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To My Queen


Who knew, that on this day 37 years ago that a woman would be born who would tame my wild heart, elevate my soul into the Universe of love, teach me how to dance on the clouds, and open my eyes to the grace of God in ways that I had never saw before.

Who knew, that the love of my life, my Soulmate, my Boo, my Queen, and the mother of my lil’ Kings would lasso my heart with a love so beautiful that it would melt away all of my anger and hate, and leave me naked in front of God with three possessions: my love, my family, and the work of uplifting humanity.

Who knew? God knew, when he molded Adam from the clay of earth and created Eve from a rib at his side that you and I would be standing together on this day with a love as perfect as any love that has ever existed. Through God all things are possible, with your love my heart is unconquerable.

Happy birthday Boo, I am thankful for you sashaying your love into my life. Today we celebrate you, my Queen… ~ Sean King


I Won’t Say Goodbye


…and now that the time has come,
I won’t say goodbye
I’ll tell her to say hello to my grandmother for me
I’ll tell her to let my father know I forgave him years ago
I’ll tell her to give my mother a hug
I’ll tell her that her kids will be just fine
I’ll tell her that I’ll continue shining her light
and telling her story of life
to millions of young women
who need a good example of what a real
woman acts like
I’ll tell her that she is my hero
and that I love her
and that I thank God for giving
us an angel named Tamara

But I won’t say goodbye
because eternity never ends
and love goes on forever
and memories remain fresh
for millennia
and her soul will
continue uplifting spirits
long after her body
quit the race of life
and there is no need for sadness
when a purpose has been served
and God calls us home
to his peaceful arms

I won’t say goodbye,
but I will thank God
for finally allowing her to rest in peace
Rest in Peace my dear friend…
I’ll see you soon…

Love is Life

Planking? Hell naw, this is called fathering... You should try it..

From clay and a rib
Dropped like a teardrop from heaven on a sunny day
Encompassing the complete circle of time
No beginnings
No endings
Persevering and transcending
Karma and reincarnation
Binding the Brahman to the Untouchable
The Slave to the Slave Master
Daytime to the night
Light to the shadows
Absolute in its’ existence,
Beyond reason or mathematical calculation
There are no limits to the infinite
Our intellectual definition of love is just an estimation
Only our soul has the capacity to comprehend
Something that starts from everywhere
Yet has no destination
Love is life