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Celebrating King


…the best way to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King is to wake up the humanity that lives in your soul and to use it to stand against the injustices that are impacting our brothers and sisters all over the world.

…that means standing against the murder of innocent people at the hands of war; whether it be by Christians or Muslims, whether it be at the hands of the East or the West… Please do not murder any more people under the false pretense of protecting my liberties

…that means standing in opposition of poverty… there is no reason for nations with a gluttonous excess of riches to be okay with watching human being starve… the idea of the wealthy people earning everything they have through hard work and sound business practices is simply untrue… the wealth of our great nation was built at the expense of the lives of others…

…that means standing up to the militarization and the ongoing abuse of power by our police force…. there is simply no excuse for the continuous murder of unarmed human beings by representatives of a government that stands for Liberty and Justice for all…

…learn, understand, teach, remember who Dr. King was and what he stood for. Yes, he was a Civil Rights activist… but Dr. King was also a man who was willing to die to put an end to the human rights violations that were being committed, not just again black people, but against people all over the world…

…In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let’s stand on the shoulders of love and continue his fight to put an end to the attack on innocence that is being waged all over the world from the Americas, to Europe, to the Middle East, to Africa, to Asia, to Australia, and to every dark corner of the world that injustices are being committed… When we do this, then we can say we are truly celebrating the legacy of Dr. King. ~Sean King


The Cliff

36642eaglescreenshot1’re standing on the edge of a cliff, are you worried about falling or thinking about soaring?

through the suffocating inside of hell’s furnace

Walk barefoot
over broken boards littered with the poison of old rusted nails

With fire breathing dragons while simultaneously siphoning Satan’s venom
from your soul

From the bottom of the Atlantic through a school of Great Whites covered in blood to get to the famed shores of hope

Over lakes of quicksand into bushes of poison ivy with the shackles of incarceration on your ankles and wrist

From southern branches like ripe apples waiting to be picked for the autumn harvest

From the throngs of slavery only to be stabbed by the slithering scales of Justice

The mind altering trauma of mass incarceration and run

Away from the barking dogs chasing you through the enchanted forest

Barefoot through the sizzling desert staying hydrated by drinking the venom of the Sidewinder

Past the pack of wolves and around the the bear protecting her precious offspring before engaging in a brutal death match with a hungry Mountain Lion and then climb,

Over the the slippery rocks, through the thick vegetation, and around the gaseous pockets of poisonous air

Through the frost bite, through the avalanches, through the shortness of breathe caused by the lack of oxygen as you ascend to the place that only the great ones go

At the summit of your life, at the edge of the cliff of all the struggle you have been through to get to this point, looking at the breath taking views of destiny, taking deep breaths of purpose…

…are you worried about falling or thinking about soaring? ~ Sean King

Happy Father’s Day

1975-03-30 Monica & Leon & Sean scan0008

Father’s Day Reflections: How can I feel blessed, be happy with my life, and be thankful with the path God has chosen for me while at the same time being upset that I didn’t have the perfect father?

How can I appreciate the fact that my life has brought me more happiness than I could have ever imagined and accept the fact that my dreams pale in comparison to the life I’m living, while being ungrateful because I think my father should have done more?

How can I stand here calling my father out for his inability to live up to my expectations while looking in the mirror dripping with my own imperfections, flaws, and with the knowledge that there are many things I can do to improve both as a man and as a father?

I can’t, because that’s not the way this thing works. If you’re happy with your life and your journey, and I am, then you also have to be thankful for all of the steps that it took to get there.

What I know today is God gave me the father I needed to become the person that I was called to be. My daddy loved me, he was imperfect, I am imperfect, and he is the father I was given.

It doesn’t need to be complicated: Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Leon King (RIP), and all the other brothers out there doing the best they can. It’s not for me to judge you, so I will simply say, if you keep getting knocked down, then keep getting up. If you keep falling short, then keep reaching forward. If the world keeps feeding you hate, keep spititng it out and fighting back with love. Whatever you’re struggling with, just do your best and know that I Love You and pray that one day you will be able to celebrate Father’s Day without all of the halfass Father’s Day wishes and backhanded compliments… Be blessed my brothers… ~ Sean King