Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why Do It?


A sad reality is we are likely to continue promoting buffoonery and B.S. rather than the hard work God’s children are doing to lift humanity to its highest levels and to make the world better. Once we come out of these dark ages, the contributions of these angels will be recognized and even memorialized. Unfortunately, it will be long after these brave souls have passed away.

So why do it? Why continue working hard to make the world better when you know your efforts will barely be recognized during your lifetime? Why work hard to become the best at what you do, when you know someone of lesser talent and more individual minded ambition will hog the limelight and bask in man’s glory?

You do it, because “it” is what God sent you here to do. You do it, because you know this limelight, that is essentially man celebrating man, has nothing to do with how you will be judged when all is said and done. You do it, because you would go crazy doing anything else. You do it, because you understand instant gratification is not the end goal, change is. ~ Sean King



Embrace Life
Promote Peace
Forgive Freely
Show Compassion
Be Understanding
Work Hard
Live with Integrity
Be Guided by God
BE KIND in all your Actions
BE LOVE in all your Thoughts

~ Sean King


Love is Life

Planking? Hell naw, this is called fathering... You should try it..

From clay and a rib
Dropped like a teardrop from heaven on a sunny day
Encompassing the complete circle of time
No beginnings
No endings
Persevering and transcending
Karma and reincarnation
Binding the Brahman to the Untouchable
The Slave to the Slave Master
Daytime to the night
Light to the shadows
Absolute in its’ existence,
Beyond reason or mathematical calculation
There are no limits to the infinite
Our intellectual definition of love is just an estimation
Only our soul has the capacity to comprehend
Something that starts from everywhere
Yet has no destination
Love is life