She aborted,
Rather than have a child
Born into a society
That would fight
For the child’s birth,
But neglect its life

For that
She was labeled a monster
By the gun wielding pro-lifers
Relentlessly protesting her

She was low income and “uneducated”
So they assumed
She was irresponsible
Without a conscious
For peer pleasure
and then aborting
To avoid the responsibility of
Raising her child

They argue
Over the specifics
Of when does a life become a life
While supporting a death penalty
That does not deter crime
and time after time has aborted
Innocent lives

They stand hypocritically
On their pedestals
Condemning women for their actions
While ignoring the details of their own
Heinous past

Every woman killed
In the name of being a witch
was an abortion

Every lynching
Of an innocent soul
was an abortion

Every death
Resulting from the Tuskegee experiment
Was an abortion

Every murder
Of an Indigenous human
As a result of smallpox blankets
Was an abortion

Every unarmed man
Shot in the back in the name of Justice
Was an abortion

Every young soldier
Killed overseas under the false pretense
Of stopping terrorism
Was an abortion

Every Presidentially sanctioned bomb
Dropped from an unmanned Drone
That took the life of an
Innocent human being
In the name of war
Was an abortion

Every child
Who senselessly dies
At the hands of starvation
Is an abortion,
an abomination
By us

…and we
Condemn her
For her choices
For her lack of humanity
For her carelessness

In reality
She may be
The only one among us
Who feels guilty
About the life she took

Who is the monster?


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. It is easier to cast a stone than to atone
    Powerful piece of writing.
    Peace, Eric

  2. That made me cry . . Words to remember

  3. Sorry, but killing a murderer as punishment for a crime is not equivalent to aborting an innocent baby. Lynching someone as the KKK did is wrong, but that’s not an abortion. It was the Catholics (against what the Bible teaches) that burned witches. Bringing up other things people did that were wrong does not get someone off the hook for aborting a child.

    • One more thing: Isn’t the stance of the people who are against abortion based on the the belief the mother is murdering any innocent life? If the reason you’re against abortion is the protection of innocent life, then the things mentioned in this piece also merit your equal attention and passion, as they are also taking innocent lives.

      I should also point out that you’ve made it a point to say it was the Catholics and the KKK, who committed those other murders and not you or people who share your beliefs that are responsible for these crimes against humanity. If you aren’t passionate about the killing of these innocent humans because someone else was responsible for committing the “crime”, then why would you be passionate about preventing mothers from having an abortion; after all it’s not you who is guilty of aborting any babies?

      Since you’ve made the point to state that a lynching is not an abortion, I have a question for you: Is a lynching in your mind less hideous than an abortion?

      • One of the things I said was that lynchings that you brought up (like the old South) are wrong, so I don’t condone such things at all. I’m just as passionate against the wrong killings I commented on as I am against abortion. And I said they were wrong, I said that bringing up things THAT ARE WRONG doesn’t help the case of abortionists.
        By and large, the execution of an innocent man on death row is a mistake or an accident, not a deliberate event like abortions (though there are some that men deliberately frame). Thus, in general, I am in agreement with you that the murder of all innocents is equally wrong.

      • In that case we don’t disagree as I don’t condone or promote abortion either.

  4. A couple of clarifications before you get too high on your high horse. 1.) This piece only references the killing of innocent people, including the people on death row who have been killed (or incarcerated for a lifetime) that were later found to be innocent based on DNA evidence of the crimes they were convicted for. 2.) The last stanza says “She (the mother having the abortion) may be the only one among us who feels guilty about the life she took”. It raises the question, do others in society who are guilty of killing an innocent feel the same level of guilt for the life they took. Does the jury, judge, and person pulling the switch feel as guilty about the murder of an innocent man as the mother? Does the president and congress who declared war feel just as guilty about young men who died in Iraq under false pretenses?

    I point these things out to say, this piece is not about justifying abortion or saying that abortion is okay or right. It’s to point out the hypocrisy of someone calling themselves Pro-Life and at the same time will support the the killing an innocent human, send a child to war on false pretenses, and turn a blind eye to the other tragic acts that take place daily in which an innocent life is taken. If you are pro-life, then where is your passion for those who are wrongly killed that are already living. I’m not asking them to quit being pro-life, I’m asking them to be consistent in their protection of all life.

    It’s not Pro-Life if you only care about the birth of the child but can care less about what happens to the child after the child is born. That’s Pro-Birth and should be labeled appropriately.

  5. Wow this poem was real!!!

  6. Very powerful. Right on. I love this!

  7. One of the most powerful pieces of writing I’ve read this year. Wonderful

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