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Success and Failure

Don’t confuse haven’t succeeded yet with failure.

Haven’t succeeded yet means you’re working towards your goals. Maybe it hasn’t gone your way, maybe you’ve experienced a set back or two or three or xxx, or maybe you’re in the middle of a rough spot and starting to doubt yourself. This is where you embrace God, ignore the whispers of the devil, and push forward.

Failure means you’ve quit trying and conceded that your skill, your will, and your God aren’t enough. Failure simply means you lack the mental fortitude to succeed. Failure is a mental condition, because if you’re still breathing then your reality is you haven’t succeeded yet. Unless of course you’ve quit, in which case you’ve failed.


Reflections on Black

Black History Did Not Start with Slavery

As we move from celebrating the birth of Dr. King, to saturating our Social Networks with messages encouraging our friends and family to support Red Tails, with Black History month fast approaching, and our soon to be overzealous desire to exaggerate all things black approaches epic proportions as we pepper the internet with little known black history facts about historical greats such as WEB Dubois, Carter G. Woodson, Charles Drew, Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), and Benjamin Banneker, occurrences like Black Wall Street, and places such as Kemet three thoughts come to my mind.

1.) Thank goodness no one has made a movie titled Black Tail.

2.) Even though we live in a racist society we have to resist the urge to allow our legacies to be defined by race. For one race is a human creation that should have never been used to differentiate people. Two, your race shouldn’t be treated as a handicap; such and such person is great considering her/his blackness and all that they had to overcome. The people we celebrate for Black History month are people that are great regardless of what race we (the humans) choose to classify them as. Let’s give them their due and quit short changing their accomplishments by calling them black greats. They are plain and simply GREAT…….

3.) Black History did not start with slavery!!!

Inspired by Ali (Haiku)

(Haiku Inspired by Ali)
Once upon a time
Athletes did more than sell shoes
Do you hear me Mike?

More than a Boxer