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Final Thoughts on Amy

God gives us beautifully gifted beings wrapped in humanities flaws, and challenges us to see the good in them beyond their vices, coping mechanisms, our judgment, and all the things that we either don’t agree with or don’t understand.

Many of the most gifted people are also the most tortured souls. Maybe they’re gifted because they’re tortured, maybe their tortured because they’re gifted. Maybe they’ve run out of places to turn because their gifts, once personal tools to allow them to cope with life and the reality of being different became gifts for public consumption.

Artistically, maybe Amy didn’t ask for the fans or adulation. Maybe her gift of music was her drug/coping mechanism and someone saw the gifts and thought it would be good idea to capitalize on her talent; to get paid. I mean, why else would anyone be blessed with talent in this world if it wasn’t going to be used to make money or be consumed by others?

Where does one go to escape when the thing that was once was your coping measure becomes a source of pressure? I don’t know what her demons were or much about her, but I know I will seek to never disrespect life and to not define any of God’s creatures by the traps they fall into.


R.I.P. Amy

Rehab is the place they send extraordinary people to become ordinary. I’m with you Amy Winehouse.. No, no, no.. May you finally find peace.

My Ex (an X-Men Inspired Haiku)

When you are around
The life is sucked out of me
My ex is named Rogue