Monthly Archives: October 2012

Don’t I Know You?

Excuse me, but don’t I know you from somewhere?
The pyramids of Egypt perhaps?
Dinner under the lips of the Sphinx?
Bathing in the Euphrates?
Walking barefoot in the garden at Taj Mahal?
Making love on top of Mt Kilimanjaro?
Relaxing in Bora Bora?

Or was it Eden?
Romantically feeding each other the forbidden fruit.

I guess we got a little carried away,
You were worth it.


I Am Free

I vanquished my fear, gave anger its walking papers, tore down the walls of my safe little box, and ended my life long relationship with doubt.  No longer am I a beaten vessel suffering from Battered Dreamer Syndrome. Finally, I am free to love fearlessly and to live life abundantly.  I am Free!

A Cruel World

Cruelty is convincing a beautiful young girl or a beautiful young boy that they are ugly because they don’t match your definition of beauty even though they look exactly the way God intended them to look.

Hateful is watching them struggle with their confidence and suffer from self esteem issues because you treat them as outcast rather than embrace and love them.

Evil is blaming them for being weak when they can no longer handle the burden of being constructed in God’s image when man clearly believes that fitting into his definition of perfection is more important than living God’s purpose.

What a cruel world we live in.