Monthly Archives: July 2012

Love’s Equation

Love = ∫f(x)dx taken over the interval of -∞ to ∞ with x being equal to life..  — Sean King

Tossing and Turning, For You

I’m running away from this world
until I reach a point
where the screams of
unfulfilled souls
falling short of their purpose
can no longer pierce
the sanctuary of my spirit

…and when I get there
maybe, I’ll get the
first good night’s sleep
I’ve had in a lifetime

God knows I need it…


Monday Morning Reflections

I’ve come to the realization that our insecurities are getting in the way of our purpose, what we were put here to do. Instead of being extraordinary human beings we waste our talent and energy trying to build images, walls, masks that prevent people from seeing us for who we truly are because we’re afraid. From the designer clothes and makeup, to the prestigious jobs and fancy cars, to the big houses and the Joneses; we are making conscious choices to be small.

One day it will all catch up to us. One day, we won’t be able to get by on our looks, our money, our titles, or our materials. One day, people will see us for who we are, and trust me it won’t be pretty. It’s time that we get comfortable living in our skin without the aid of the bionics.