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A Love Story (10 Years in the Making)

As I reflect on what’s been over 10 years of marriage to my beautiful wife, I realized how many changes you can go through in 10 years of life. To put it in perspective I wrote a poem/short story a few months ago that I shared over the course of 10 days. The pieces are personal and the entire story is included in the anthology I’m working on… of course it’s copyrighted…

A Love Story – Part I: February 18, 2010

Dem King Boyz


At the alter
tears roll down
cheeks saturated with
love’s promise
“..for better or for worse..”

Hands held sincerely
as they intensely stare into
each others’ eyes
“..for richer or poorer..”

Full of hope
for tomorrow
American romantics still
believe in the idea
of love
“ sickness and in health..”

and soul mates
and eternity

God brought them together
in holy matrimony
love binds them to eternity
“I do”
Would the love be enough?

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