Monthly Archives: April 2012

38 Years

Hello dreams, I know we’ve had an up and down relationship through the years  mixed in with some trying times, but I want to thank you for staying with me through it all. When I had that nasty affair with doubt that took me to the brink of failure, you stayed by my side. When I almost ruined my life by lusting after the easy way, it was you that reminded me of who I was and helped me get back on track. When I became too afraid to move because I was paralyzed by fear, you gave me the nudge I needed to step forward.  It seems like an eternity ago, when we were two unblossomed seeds meeting each other for the first time.  Look at us now battle tested, resilient, and closer to one another and our destiny.  Yes, 38 years of love can do that.


Midnight Reflections

After spending the last 15 years observing the steadfast love of my wife’s grandparents, there’s no way you can convince me that the things we chase today:

  • Degrees
  • Fancy cars
  • Good jobs
  • Plush houses and
  • Prestige

will ever produce a greater reward than two humble people living modestly within their means, rooted in God, and completely dedicated to one another.

You can keep your American dream and your Apple Pie, I’m trying to build my future on the pillars of old school love.

Word of Advice

Here’s a word of advice to my young brothers and sisters:

No matter how wrong the world has been to you, how unfair life has treated you, or how many people have been given advantages that have allowed them to get ahead of you, it is imperative that you immediately quit acting like you are entitled, or that someone owes you something. For your own good, you have to start acting like someone who has to claw and fight for every inch of progress that you want to make in life. There are a countless number of people in the world who would love to have your opportunities. Don’t blow it…