Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mirror Mirror


When you learn to accept the person you see in the mirror. When you learn to see your beauty beyond all of the doubt, fear, self hate, insecurity, and past mistakes. When you learn to like and even love the person you see…

You will no longer have a need to be accepted by everyone else. You will no longer have a need to spend all of your money trying to buy beauty nor happiness. You will no longer be vulnerable to everyone’s negative perceptions of you nor susceptible to all of the false advertisement and BS telling you that you would be better off if you bought this product, if you made X amount of money, if you had such and such career title, if you lived in this house, or drove that car…

No, if you learn to love the person you see you will simply radiate everywhere you go. You will repel all of the BS trying to put it’s hands on you and pull you down. You would feel like a King or a Queen in every situation in life, up or down…

You would be in control of how you lived your life, and they will hate you for your confidence…

…and you know what?  You won’t care because you’ll look in the mirror and say I’m Beautiful, I love myself, I love the way God made me, I am the Sun… ~ Sean King


Integrity and Purpose

Don’t go anywhere that requires you to leave your soul behind to get there. Know your worth and take every step with integrity and an understanding of your purpose. ~ Sean King

Sun and Moon


They have long said the moon represents women and the sun represents man. Well this evening I looked at the full radiant moon and realized astrologists have been wrong all this time. The order is backwards; the sun, the magnificent star that holds the planets together and the celestial body that unselfishly uses its light to make the dark moon shine is obviously woman. Who else can take something as dull as the moon, clean it up, and make it radiate like a star? Behind every great man is a woman. ~ Sean King