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Either you are..or you’re not

Either you are..or you’re not

Deep poets don’t write about love and love poets don’t write anything that’s deep..

Wait, that’s preposterous – everything a poet writes is love and all love is deep and there is no such thing as a love poet or a deep poet; you are either a poet or you’re not.


Question on Technology

Does technology bring us closer together or drive us further apart?  This is the question that is frequently asked in an age where there is an increased emphasis on quick access to information and resources, and a reduced emphasis on in depth personal interaction.

My answer to the above question is yes, no, and all of the above.

Life’s Travesty

If we were willing we could be so much more; and that is the travesty of life. To fall into the trap of mediocrity when our dreams are within reach. To fail due to lack of effort when a little bit of work is all that’s needed. To get scared and turn back to the familiar just before reaching our destination. To be beat because we never tried rather than we took the risk and fell short. To put our dreams off as if our time will go on forever, just before our time runs out…

…and the worst part is the children watch this travesty.  No matter how much we encourage them to pursue their dreams, what they see are us, their role models, the people they look up to wasting their gifts away. Our actions become their expectations and their norm.  Our failures become their failures because we’re teaching them that this is what life is.

Why should you pursue your dreams?   Because tomorrow depends on it.