Monthly Archives: August 2011

Do You Understand?

I have nothing to prove. I don’t need to make any affirmations of my arrival, greatness, or success. I am not interested in your hollow praise or the pedestal you’ve built for me that you intend to kick over in a rage of jealousy; I’ll happily stand on the earth God built. Enthusiastically do God’s work. Love you unconditionally whether you choose to reciprocate it or not. I have one mission and it’s not to be accepted by you. Do you understand me yet?


Failure is not Hereditary

Children who carry the scars of their parents failure often make the mistake of striving to be all the things their parents weren’t instead of all the things that God created you to be. Who you “can be” is not limited by what your parents were. Failure is not hereditary, and the moment you stop being scared that you’ll turn out like them is the moment the whole world will greet you with blessings.

You Know You Are A Child of God When..

You know you are a child of God when…
Everyday is beautiful
Every breath is a blessing
Every trial is an opportunity to triumph
Every moment is a chance to lift someone up
Every rainy day will be followed by sunshine
Every step can be taken with your eyes closed
…and you are loved
unconditio​nally in spite of your failures

Give thanks for your blessings today
Give blessings to someone in need today

— Sean King