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A Letter to 2012 (Goodbye)

2012, you have reacquainted me with some family and friends I thought I might have lost forever.  You have brought some new people into my life that have helped remind me of the importance of pursuing my dreams.  You have allowed me to stand side by side with loved ones as they quietly fell into the grasp of eternal peace.  You have shown me both the best and worst of humanity while helping me to understand the purpose of my gifts.

2012, you have introduced me to my brothers and sisters all over the world and made it clear that we are all interconnected.  You have allowed me to see a world without hate through the eyes of my children.  You helped me to get rid of my regrets, to walk courageously in the face of fear, to forgive unconditionally, and to embrace each moment.  You have replaced my pain with hope, my doubt with resolve, and have set me on the path of love.  You have obliterated my ideas of family and love and replaced them with something far more beautiful.  You have pointed me in the direction of freedom.

2012, you mean the world to me and I will always remember what you’ve taught me, but it’s time for us to part ways.  It’s time for me to take what you’ve taught me and to apply it as I walk the path in front of me.  Tomorrow can no longer wait for me, so I bid you farewell 2012.

Humbly and With Love,


Sean King



Happy New Year

All I’m taking into the New Year is Hope, Dreams, Love, You, and God. Everything else will be let go. – Sean King


It Is

Our love doesn’t need to be affirmed, it is. Our friendship doesn’t need to be proved, we are. Our dreams don’t need to be understood, just lived. What we’re going to do doesn’t need to be said, just done. What we believe doesn’t need to be preached, just seen. – Sean King