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Light, Life, Love


You don’t owe me anything. I don’t owe you anything. If I give, it’s because I want to and not because of what I might get in return. If I receive, I give thanks because what was given wasn’t owed to me. Your praise of my accomplishments, though greatly appreciated, is not necessary because I’m driven by purpose. Everyday I want to be a better man than I was the day before. Some days I succeed. Some days I fall short. No matter which side of the fence I fall on, I keep trying. If I wake up that means I must keep marching forward; no excuses.

One day, this earthly body will be unable to hold my heavenly spirit. When that day comes, smile for me because I have lived.  I have bathed in the beautiful rays of the sun and smiled.  I have danced on cliffs overlooking an endless ocean to the rhythmic sound of waves slapping against rocks.  I have sang the morning glory with God’s songbirds to usher in a new day.  I have enjoyed fellowship, and drank, and told tall tales under the midnight sky to the backdrop of a grizzly bear’s growl and the roar of a hunting pack of lions.  I have been touched and I’d like to believe I have touched others.  Most importantly, I have made love under the twinkle of the star filled sky and gave birth to happiness.

What more would I dare ask for? There are no regrets here. There is no desire to go backwards or to apologize for the steps I have taken. There is no worry over how I will be remembered. My legacy is the least of my concerns. I am too busy trying to walk the path I have been chosen to walk to worry about what tall tales will be told about me after I’ve transitioned to the next step in my infinity.  Live Life in the rays of the Light.  Project Love from the deepest depths of your Heart.  Let your Soul be the map you use to navigate to your Purpose.   ~ Sean King


Sun and Moon


They have long said the moon represents women and the sun represents man. Well this evening I looked at the full radiant moon and realized astrologists have been wrong all this time. The order is backwards; the sun, the magnificent star that holds the planets together and the celestial body that unselfishly uses its light to make the dark moon shine is obviously woman. Who else can take something as dull as the moon, clean it up, and make it radiate like a star? Behind every great man is a woman. ~ Sean King

Thoughts on Poetry

It’s okay to write beautiful words that leverage an extensive vocabulary, are laced with erotic innuendo, and structured in one of the infinitely beautiful preexisting forms of poetry that go back thousands of years. But sometimes it’s necessary to break from tradition and style and to write something raw. Something dripping with emotion and truthful to its core. Something that stands in front of you naked, jiggling and flopping in your face, defiantly refusing to veil its body for your comfort. Sometimes it’s necessary to take your pen to the street and speak on behalf of the voiceless souls clawing for their small piece of the pie. Sometimes it’s necessary to write something where the whole purpose is to reach the very core of man and to jump start his soul into action. Sometimes it’s necessary to forget about the art and to reconnect with the being that is human.