Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Beautiful Life

My life is so beautiful I can no longer tell the difference between dreams and reality…. I am supremely blessed.


Like most Americans, I used to worship the God of your American Dream.  But today, my dreams are bigger than any constitution constructed by man. Bigger than any wish that can be bought with money. Bigger than any freedom that can be won by war or through politics. Bigger than any belief that places one man or one group of men above others. Bigger than any system that allows one man to eat gluttonously while another starves to death. Bigger than nuclear bombs and war for oil. Bigger than the profits of the oil companies and the prison industrial complex. Bigger than the injustice of justice. Bigger than the fear that prevents us from chasing our dreams. Suffice it to say, my dreams are enormous… yet possible… even probable..


When all is said and done, don’t waste your time looking on the soil for my footprints. Everything I did and everything I will do was, is, and will be done either on the shoulders of the ancestral giants that came before me or from the sky carried by the wings of God’s angels.  Vessels should only be remembered by how much of God’s light they were able to shine.