Monthly Archives: September 2012

Your Move

There is a high probability, that there will be a point in most of our lives where our conflict, whether caused by forces beyond our control or self-inflicted, will take us to a low point. The bottom, a place where quitting seems like a good option and hanging on just doesn’t seem worth it.  In the story of our life, this is called the climax, the crux of our existence.

It is at this point when we are being tested to our limits that our true character will be revealed. Will you fold, will you fight, will you crumble under the pressure, or will you overcome your circumstance? What will be your theme, how do you want to be remembered, will they look to your story for inspiration, or forget about you completely?

It’s your story, your life, your choice, and what you do next will determine your destiny.

Your move….

Worth It

In love, you may get hurt 1,000 times before you finally get it right, but when you do, all that hurt and pain will somehow seem worth it. The benefits of allowing yourself to love and be loved outweigh the risks of being hurt.

False Perceptions of Playing God

Acts of aggression and retaliation. The origin of war between men is as clear as the chicken and the egg. No one truly knows which came first, and at this point we are in too deep to find the escape. The one thing I do know for certain, man, whether he is acting on behalf of his country or his God, is not capable of bringing anyone to justice. Administering Justice is above our pay scale.