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To All God’s Vessels

Messengers and Vessels

Note to all my friends in the arts, educators, community activists, church leaders, revolutionaries, and/or anyone else working as a vessel to improve the conditions of our community: “The Messenger will be Judged”.  So please, try to be the change and live your life in accordance with what you’re preaching. Otherwise, you’re more than likely wasting God’s good word on deaf ears.   The message will either be received or rejected based on how you are living. “The Messenger will be Judged”. ~ Sean King



The Ingredients of Change

To make change, you need a Poet’s soul, a Dancer’s passion, a Musician’s charisma, a Singer’s voice, a Visual Artist’s vision, a Soldier’s willingness, a Slave’s perseverance, an Entrepreneur’s creativity, an Intellectual’s intellect, a Leader’s integrity, a Revolutionary’s heart, a Mother’s love, a Father’s tenacity, a Grandmother’s honesty, a Grandfather’s patience, a Divine purpose, and a Jesus like willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to save souls. — Sean King

Kings and Queens