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I Am Free

I vanquished my fear, gave anger its walking papers, tore down the walls of my safe little box, and ended my life long relationship with doubt.  No longer am I a beaten vessel suffering from Battered Dreamer Syndrome. Finally, I am free to love fearlessly and to live life abundantly.  I am Free!

Free Love

My goal is to learn to love myself, the people in my life, and anyone I come in contact with purely and freely. This means:

  • Without judgment,
  • Without ulterior motives,
  • Without expectation that the love will be returned,
  • With vulnerability,
  • With honesty, and
  • With an acceptance of the fact that my love may not be enough to save you.

In the western culture this means I will often be misunderstood and not trusted as people try to reconcile my actions with our underlying culture of mistrust; and rightfully so. Admittedly, the love I offer will sometimes be with judgment, with expectation that it will be returned, and with ulterior motives.

Let’s just say I have a long way to go, but I’m working on it.

Slave circa 2012

Free from the chains
but the shackles are not gone

Free to think for yourself
but the bondage is still strong

Free to be you
but consumed with the material you own

Free to be us
but our legacy is all but gone

Free to be free
but still choosing to be owned

Free to be free
but still choosing to be owned

A slave,
still choosing to be owned