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Goodbye (A Freewrite)


Life is too precious
and time is too short
to allow even a second of it
to be wasted on sad thoughts, and…
if I’m the source of your sadness
I would find happiness
in exiting your life, and…
leaving your memory
free from me
don’t get me wrong
by your side,
there is no place I would rather be, but…
I need you to be happy, and…
I’ll remove myself from the Universe
if that’s the only way your happiness can be
you see,
if you can’t smile
then I can’t breathe
I don’t want to go
but I have to leave
I love you more than life
but I can’t stand to see
you put on another sad face
on account of me…

Goodbye my love
I pray this goodbye
sets you free…

No Tears

I’m going to love you while you live
pray for your loved one’s when you say goodbye
drop to my knees and thank God in Heaven for putting you my life,
but I won’t cry…
because there is no need for me to shed tears of sorrow while our love is still alive
no need for me to be consumed by sadness while our souls are still intertwined
no need for me to feel hopeless because God has called you to be by his side…
besides, our separation is only temporary
and I still have our love and the memories of happier times…
of course I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss you,
but don’t expect me to cry.