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Origin of Love

My love started before the birth of man and will outlast his demise. — Sean King

Remembering Dr. King


You can not assassinate a spirit, you can only kill a man.

In my humble opinion, Dr. King could have lived to be 100 years old if he had restricted his fight to black people and civil rights. But no, he had to go off and start fighting against the unjust Vietnam war, against the American class based Caste system in which he demanded minimum income levels for all Americans, and for humanity as a whole. No Dr. King had to be killed because he began to talk about issues that threatened the wealth of the elite class and issues that might spark a revolution. Please understand Dr. King was born black, but he died a human being and a child of God that people of all races and cultures should embrace.

God’s Gifts

You don’t have to make a major income to make a major impact on the lives of those around you if you understand the gifts God has bestowed on you are greater than the money man pays you.

God’s Gifts > Man’s Money.