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What If

In life
we make assumptions

Assumptions like
this note won’t be the last note
I’ll ever write to you

Assumptions like
tomorrow will be more of the same
and there is nothing
that we absolutely must do today

Assumptions like
I can put my dreams
on hold for a lifetime
and still have a lifetime left
to chase my dreams

Assumptions like
we can go to bed pissed off
and have time
to fix it all in the morning

Assumptions like
I can tell you
I can show you
I can do the things
I need to do
to express my love to you,

Assumptions like
this breath
this moment
this second
is not important
in the grand scheme of things

Assumptions like
this hello
this smile
this hug
won’t be the last smile we share
the last hug we give
the last time
we greet each other

Assumptions like
my hurtful words
won’t be the last things
I say to you
and it’s okay for me
to be upset for a minute
and everything will be okay
if you give me some space
and time

Assumptions like
love will wait
for me to get my degree
for me to buy a house
for me to become rich
for me to achieve my dreams
for me

but what if,

What if
our assumptions are all wrong

What if
tomorrow doesn’t exist

What if
we don’t have any more time left
no more minutes
will never get to say another word to each other
are unable to rectify a bad situation

What if
our future doesn’t exist
and there is no later

What if
we never share
another smile
another hello
another hug

What if
this breath is our last
this moment is our last

What if
this minute
is the most important
minute of our life

What if
there are no more mornings
or no makeup sex
or no more time to apologize

What if
your last memory of us
are the hurtful words I said to you

What if
we spend our lifetime
deferring our dreams
but never get that second
lifetime to chase them

What if
we get that degree
that big house
the riches we deserve
but we miss the opportunity
to be in love

What if
love doesn’t wait for me
for us

What if
I was not put here
to make money
or save the community
or lead the world

What if
the only thing
I was put here to do
is to love you
and you never found out
how important you are to me

What if
you never found out
how much I love you

What if
our assumptions about life
are all wrong

What if
we knew this was it,
Our last hurrah

Would we change the way we live?

Sacramento History


A Revolution to Save our World

We have to
drop bombs on unsuspecting villages
hijack airplanes
bomb federal buildings
create biological weapons
employ guerrilla warfare
use the kids
control the media
shoot unarmed men and women
lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)

We have to
invade their homes with our military
eliminate the pharmacist and
drug manufacturers
so they can’t create a cure
alter their genetics
so it becomes hereditary

We have to
create a permanent epidemic
a “LOVE Pandemic”
of massive proportions

We have to
change the world
by spreading LOVE

One hello at a time
One smile at a time
One genuine act of kindness at a time
One humane action at a time

We have to
create an army of love
if we have any hope
of saving our world.


The most important revolution you will ever be involved in is the one that results in you becoming a better person. There’s a lot of work needed to make the world a better place, none more important than the change needed in you. If you want to lead the change you have to first be the change.