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DIE (An Acrostic Haiku)

Dance little angel
Ignite the fire in your soul
Escape to freedom

Walking in Stride

She caught my attention with her looks and stole my heart with her soul. We’ve walked in stride ever since. That’s love. ~ Sean King


Thoughts on Poetry

It’s okay to write beautiful words that leverage an extensive vocabulary, are laced with erotic innuendo, and structured in one of the infinitely beautiful preexisting forms of poetry that go back thousands of years. But sometimes it’s necessary to break from tradition and style and to write something raw. Something dripping with emotion and truthful to its core. Something that stands in front of you naked, jiggling and flopping in your face, defiantly refusing to veil its body for your comfort. Sometimes it’s necessary to take your pen to the street and speak on behalf of the voiceless souls clawing for their small piece of the pie. Sometimes it’s necessary to write something where the whole purpose is to reach the very core of man and to jump start his soul into action. Sometimes it’s necessary to forget about the art and to reconnect with the being that is human.