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I Pray


I pray for all the families; for all the men, women, and children all over the world that are or will find themselves struggling to cope with the loss of loved ones.

I pray for the well being of all the people who find themselves barely hanging on and lost in our complex world of contradictions.

I pray that all of the children being taught violence as a solution to problems will someday find love and prove to be better than us, their teachers.

I pray that someday the American passion for life that gets displayed every time a tragedy strikes one of our communities becomes a permanent fixture in our hearts, and that this American humanity expands to include compassion for non-Christians and non-Americans all over the world.

I pray that one day, my Christian brothers and sisters will quit murdering in the name of Allah, my Muslim brothers and sisters will quit murdering in the name of God, and our American politicians will quit sending our American kids to war under the false pretense of democracy and justice.

I pray for you, in hopes that you when hit that wall and begin to believe you can’t go any further, that when you reach that point where you can’t see any hope, that when you find yourself in that space where darkness is the only thing that surrounds you, I pray that you will find the courage and perseverance to take one more step forward.

I pray for us, in hopes that someday we will truly treat one another as our brothers and sisters the way El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) did when he returned from his Hajj, the way Martin Luther King, Jr. did when he embraced humanity, the way Mother Theresa did as she worked tirelessly to make the world better, and the way so many do as they heroically go on with the business of doing for others without any fanfare.

I pray…


My philosophy is simple
Take a deep breath
Smile forgivingly
Pray honestly
Thank God humbly, and then,
Figure out where you want to go and

Without hesitation

Without reservation

Without excuses

It is all within your reach

All you need is
A lot of faith
A little determination, and
Some concentration to
Help you stay focused on
Where you need to go

You weren’t born with a
Silver spoon in your mouth
I know, but
Get over it!

Get over it!

Get over it!

Get over it!

Get over it!

Dysfunctional family
Get over it!

Life ain’t fair
Get over it!

Realize it
Come to grips with it
Overcome, and then
Crush it!

Beat it
Beat them
Monkeys on your back
The extra weight you carry
The disbelief
The doubt
The insecurities
The fear,
Fuck ’em!
It’s your life!

Get past it!

Don’t stop until
You get over it
Underneath it
Around it
Bust through it!

You have to find a way
To keep it
From destroying you

Do you know what’s funny about life?
It can destroy you, and
No one cares
How it happened

No one will see you
The grungy man
Standing on the street
Holding the sign
Asking for spare change
and think,
Go getter

In their eyes
You’re a bum
A lazy
Waste of resources
Squanderer of dreams
Getting over in the land
That was built by their forefathers
“one railroad track at a time”

They raped your mother
Don’t matter!

Your teachers are inadequate
Don’t matter!

Your father wasn’t there?
Don’t matter!

You were born in the ghetto
Electric sliding to the rhythmic sounds
Of shots ringing
In fast succession
Like firecrackers
Don’t matter!

Forced to study
On cold wood floors
Under the bright lights
Of ghetto birds
Behind gated doors and
Barred windows
Don’t matter!

To the sizzle of crack pipes
With your baby brother screaming the
Cry of unchanged diapers
While the batter ram
Bangs against your front door,

Americans don’t have pity
Regardless of circumstance
Lack of opportunity
Where you started

Americans won’t cry tears for
Your struggle as they
Build wealth on the backs
Of your broken dreams and your
Unachieved aspirations

Americans don’t feel bad
When they see you
Begging for food
In need

They don’t want to help you
They don’t want to hear your story
They don’t want to give you a thing

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and

No matter how bad your life is
Is going through something
Far worse THAN YOU
My philosophy is simple

Take a deep breath
Smile forgivingly
Pray honestly
Thank God humbly and
Then figure out where you want to go and

Without hesitation

Without reservation

Without excuses

For your dreams
To the sky
To the Heavens


Your Move

There is a high probability, that there will be a point in most of our lives where our conflict, whether caused by forces beyond our control or self-inflicted, will take us to a low point. The bottom, a place where quitting seems like a good option and hanging on just doesn’t seem worth it.  In the story of our life, this is called the climax, the crux of our existence.

It is at this point when we are being tested to our limits that our true character will be revealed. Will you fold, will you fight, will you crumble under the pressure, or will you overcome your circumstance? What will be your theme, how do you want to be remembered, will they look to your story for inspiration, or forget about you completely?

It’s your story, your life, your choice, and what you do next will determine your destiny.

Your move….