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Me and You

I Do

I Do

Even in my perceived success
I choose to stand by you
How can I be successful
Unless you are too
How can I fly high
Unless you do to
Happiness isn’t in the destination
Happiness is me and you. ~ Sean King

A Word on Fear

Every now and then you’ll meet someone who’ll tell you about all the things they dreamed of doing and being when they were younger. Have you ever noticed the hurt, the pain, the regret in their eyes? The regret of someone that allowed their fear of failure to get in the way of the opportunity to chase their dreams and to follow their heart.


I don’t share this to say we’re better. I share this because I know that there is a part of all of us that is afraid. It’s okay to be afraid, it’s not okay to be ruled by your fear. What we think is keeping us from being hurt often ends up being the thing that cuts at us the deepest. Listen to their soul when they talk to you, they are really telling you to get up and do that thing you know you have to do. Regardless of the outcome, regret is a heavier burden to carry than doing your best.

Fly On

You’ll chase your dreams
and they’ll call you stupid

You’ll fall down
and they’ll say I told you so

You’ll keep trying
and they’ll keep encouraging you to quit

You’ll succeed
and they’ll be in the same place they always were;
waiting on you to fall back down

You’ll keep flying
and they’ll accuse you of changing

..and you did,
you went from being a Chicken
to becoming an Eagle…

Fly on!!!