For Once

For once
I just want you to believe in me

For once
I need you to forget about our reality for a second
and believe I can do it

For once
I want you to quit reminding me
of all the people who tried, but fell short
or the barriers in the way of my destiny
or my shortcomings
or all the other reasons
why I will fail

For once in your life
I want you to
embrace my dreams
the way I embrace you
love me the way I love you;
in spite of your negativity

For once
I want you to be there for me
the way I’m there for you
without judgment
even when you’re wrong

For once
I need you to sit in the passenger
seat of my spaceship
and shut the F*CK UP!
bop your head to my beat
ride to the rhythm of my pulse
and just enjoy the view,
I hear the weather on the moon
is lovely this time of year

For once
I need you to understand
I’m going with or without you,
but I really want you to see
the nice little loft
I’ve carved out for us
in the milky way

For once
I want you to see
beyond the reality
that has stopped the
flow of oxygen to your dreams
and imagine yourself
existing outside
your mental prison

For once
I want you to come with me
with an open mind
a positive attitude
and the kind of healthy ignorance
that does not allow you to
comprehend the possibility
of failing to reach
your destination,
our destination,
even when the whole world
doubts the place we’re going

For once
I need you to trust me
the way I trust you.

For once…


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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