To All the Current and Future Revolutionaries

To all the current and future Revolutionaries: You must get in front of the curve and begin building the infrastructure for the change you want to see today. The people you are fighting with, have already prepared for your reactions and protests. They have already calculated the damage you will do, and have determined they can withstand your response and still move forward with their plans. They’ve wronged you, but they already know what your next move is. In fact, they already know what concessions they will make before you even provide your list of demands.

To be successful in your efforts you need a change in strategy.  Redirect yourselves from the short term emotional response of rallies, sit-ins, marches, and vigils. Focus on long term objectives. Become less predictable and do a better job of anticipating their moves the way they anticipate yours. Whether we’re talking war, politics, cage fighting, or chess; your strategy is one of if not the most important key to achieving the change you seek.  Your long term strategy is the thing that has to be mastered if you are to win. I’m not telling you to stop all the things you’re doing; I’m saying for maximum impact those rallies, sit-ins, marches, and vigils must be incorporated into the bigger strategy and planned well before it’s needed.

Right now, in the middle of whatever war you’re in, you should be preparing yourself for the next battle. The person you’re fighting with already is.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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