11 Steps to Peace and Happiness

The words that follow were written to the rhythm of a heartbeat, inspired by life, poured out of a soul, and given freely; not to entertain you, but to uplift you, to open your eyes, and to help US (you and I) to understand just how beautiful WE (you and I) can be if WE (you and I) choose.

1..  Thank God humbly

2..  Speak it into existence: “I love myself”

3..  Forgive yourself for your imperfections and your mistakes

4..  Let go of the ill will you have towards anyone/everyone for what they’ve done to you

5..  Start a fire in yourself and let your love spread like a wildfire

6..  Give generously and give often

7..  Give freely: Don’t keep count of what you’ve done for someone, what they’ve done for you, and don’t expect anything in return (giving is a reward in itself)

8..  Don’t get upset when your good deeds are not noticed or appreciated

9..  Live without excuses

10..  Pray honestly

11..  Thank God humbly


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. That was wussup . . I read that and i Had to reflect upon self. Need to put a few of those in action. Thank you for sharing.

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