God Like?

I know your heart burns in pain.  I know your soul hurts down to the core of your existence.  I know you feel like you’ve been wronged in ways that are simply unforgiveable; even for you, a person of devout faith and a true believer of God.  But there are some moments that happen in life that require us to put aside our hurt, our pain, our petty differences, and our selfishness.  When they happen, it doesn’t matter what our history is or what our futures will be.  The only thing that matters in those moments is that we remember to be humanely human and supportive of a soul in need.  God is sacrifice, forgiveness, and love.  Can’t you at least sacrifice your selfishness to forgive someone in pain and provide the love they need to get up at the moment they’re the most down?  Can’t you be more God like?


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Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. Claire Miss Cleezy Murphy

    Thank you for that thought! So many people are in their own little worlds worrying about themselves. They get offended thinking that the actions of others are direct attacks on them. Sometimes people other than ourselves go through hardships. We have to rember that and consider the source. We have been forgiven by God so many times the least that we can do is to bestow that same forgiveness on others even if we don’t feel they deserve it. Being “God like” is not easy but it is what he requires of his children. I do not want to upset my father.

  2. Yes. I accept the call… Fact is my pain is history. I can’t touch it, taste it or hear it. Outside of my mind my pain has no place. Why hold on to pain anyway right. I am conscious enough to know to protect myself, draw boundaries or walk away from any experience that reappears. And because of the trust I have in myself I know that I can give love to someone to someone else… Especially when they are down. Love not accepted or appreciated is not lost. Energy doesnt die…ever. so if necessary I can collect my lovely stars given to another or I can let them move freely to some other soul.. so that they feel the rush of love’s intention. Yes I can be

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