Do You See Me Yet?

Think about
Breaking through every barrier and ceiling in your path
Shake away from every hand trying to hold you down
Rip out of the grasp of every negative idea stifling your growth
While stiff arming your past failures
and go…
As high as you believe you can possibly go
and then…
Keep going

Get rid of your clothes
Your earrings
Your jewelry
All of your personal belongings that you’re afraid to lose
Drop your baggage at the curb
Forget all of those dreadful memories that rear their ugly heads
Every time you start to reach for greatness
and bend your knees while standing on a Cumulus Cloud
and jump right out of the galaxy
and then…
Keep going

Throw away your doubt
Your fear
Your self-hate
Your lack of confidence
Your insecurity
Discard all of your mental inhibitions
Until Love is the only thing you have left
and then…
Keep going

Start believing the impossible is possible
Start believing you are destined for great things
Start believing your dreams are not wishful thinking
But prophetic visions of realities yet to come
Use your love to propel you
Replace your hesitation with unwavering faith
and grab a hold of your destiny
and then…
Keep going

Open your eyes and look
Do you see me yet?


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. Sean I read this piece 3x just now before I decided to share my reflections.

    Personally this message encourages us to shed dead weight in order to pursue your dream(s), to achieve your destiny and to do it with the spirit of believing what you can’t see yet (FAITH).

    Let your life actions be done with unyielding LOVE. Regardless of the stumbling blocks, challenges, disappointments, barriers and so forth we have to KEEP pushing, ascending and going. Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, Sean your willingness to articulate this writing allows people like me to hold this value of “Never Giving Up” a reality to be lived.

    Sean I feel challenged by what you wrote.

    There has been days this week that I questioned why I am doing all that I do when I could take the easy road. But if I hold to the spirit of LOVING myself to propel closer to my destiny then perhaps I wouldn’t have this question.

    I must remember how I will use my achievements not for myself but for betterment of others. Myself interest is only to see others do better than me and from this I am pleased beyond words.

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