When you’re young, you have dreams. Intergalactic dreams that everyone encourages you to pursue. Impossible dreams that everyone around you say are possible if you just work hard and put your mind to it.

As you grow, those same people, many of whom have fell short of their own dreams, start to question the validity of your dreams. They start referring to your dreams as far-fetched pipe dreams. They follow it up with discouraging words like impossible and phrases like time to face reality. They continue piling it on by sharing their unsolicited stories of failure. Stories of dreamers, far more determined and talented than you who have failed before; don’t waste your time they say.

Eventually they get downright nasty. They start calling your dreams worthless, and you shiftless for having them. They form coalitions of former dreamers and people who are afraid to dream. They attack you in packs like gangs for being different. They hold you, hit you, stomp you while you try to protect yourself. All in an effort to force you to lose your grip on your dreams. They want to take them away from you. They want you to conform. You defiantly refuse! You hold on to your dreams with the protectiveness of a mother protecting her newborn. You take your lumps but won’t yield. They call for reinforcements, but you continue to fight.

One day, you find yourself completely surrounded by people who treat dreams like fantasies. Doubters who don’t believe in the impossible. The defeated who have given up and replaced their dreams with the common sense of conformity. You are cornered by your archenemy. Outnumbered by the opposition that are standing in the way of your vision. They are impeding your progress with the obstacles of doubt and fear. Advising you every step of the way to give up, give in, and to become more like them.

They pose as your friends so they can get close to you. They tell you they only want what’s best so you’ll trust them. They are that little voice sitting on your shoulder that makes you doubt your dream right before you’re about to jump out of this world and into the arms of greatness…

Uncertain if you have it in you, you pause, pray, and listen….

Are you scared now?

Planking? Hell naw, this is called fathering... You should try it..


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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