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She aborted,
Rather than have a child
Born into a society
That would fight
For the child’s birth,
But neglect its life

For that
She was labeled a monster
By the gun wielding pro-lifers
Relentlessly protesting her

She was low income and “uneducated”
So they assumed
She was irresponsible
Without a conscious
For peer pleasure
and then aborting
To avoid the responsibility of
Raising her child

They argue
Over the specifics
Of when does a life become a life
While supporting a death penalty
That does not deter crime
and time after time has aborted
Innocent lives

They stand hypocritically
On their pedestals
Condemning women for their actions
While ignoring the details of their own
Heinous past

Every woman killed
In the name of being a witch
was an abortion

Every lynching
Of an innocent soul
was an abortion

Every death
Resulting from the Tuskegee experiment
Was an abortion

Every murder
Of an Indigenous human
As a result of smallpox blankets
Was an abortion

Every unarmed man
Shot in the back in the name of Justice
Was an abortion

Every young soldier
Killed overseas under the false pretense
Of stopping terrorism
Was an abortion

Every Presidentially sanctioned bomb
Dropped from an unmanned Drone
That took the life of an
Innocent human being
In the name of war
Was an abortion

Every child
Who senselessly dies
At the hands of starvation
Is an abortion,
an abomination
By us

…and we
Condemn her
For her choices
For her lack of humanity
For her carelessness

In reality
She may be
The only one among us
Who feels guilty
About the life she took

Who is the monster?