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Celebrating King


…the best way to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King is to wake up the humanity that lives in your soul and to use it to stand against the injustices that are impacting our brothers and sisters all over the world.

…that means standing against the murder of innocent people at the hands of war; whether it be by Christians or Muslims, whether it be at the hands of the East or the West… Please do not murder any more people under the false pretense of protecting my liberties

…that means standing in opposition of poverty… there is no reason for nations with a gluttonous excess of riches to be okay with watching human being starve… the idea of the wealthy people earning everything they have through hard work and sound business practices is simply untrue… the wealth of our great nation was built at the expense of the lives of others…

…that means standing up to the militarization and the ongoing abuse of power by our police force…. there is simply no excuse for the continuous murder of unarmed human beings by representatives of a government that stands for Liberty and Justice for all…

…learn, understand, teach, remember who Dr. King was and what he stood for. Yes, he was a Civil Rights activist… but Dr. King was also a man who was willing to die to put an end to the human rights violations that were being committed, not just again black people, but against people all over the world…

…In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., let’s stand on the shoulders of love and continue his fight to put an end to the attack on innocence that is being waged all over the world from the Americas, to Europe, to the Middle East, to Africa, to Asia, to Australia, and to every dark corner of the world that injustices are being committed… When we do this, then we can say we are truly celebrating the legacy of Dr. King. ~Sean King


Reflections on Black

Black History Did Not Start with Slavery

As we move from celebrating the birth of Dr. King, to saturating our Social Networks with messages encouraging our friends and family to support Red Tails, with Black History month fast approaching, and our soon to be overzealous desire to exaggerate all things black approaches epic proportions as we pepper the internet with little known black history facts about historical greats such as WEB Dubois, Carter G. Woodson, Charles Drew, Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), and Benjamin Banneker, occurrences like Black Wall Street, and places such as Kemet three thoughts come to my mind.

1.) Thank goodness no one has made a movie titled Black Tail.

2.) Even though we live in a racist society we have to resist the urge to allow our legacies to be defined by race. For one race is a human creation that should have never been used to differentiate people. Two, your race shouldn’t be treated as a handicap; such and such person is great considering her/his blackness and all that they had to overcome. The people we celebrate for Black History month are people that are great regardless of what race we (the humans) choose to classify them as. Let’s give them their due and quit short changing their accomplishments by calling them black greats. They are plain and simply GREAT…….

3.) Black History did not start with slavery!!!

Legacy – 100 Years and Counting

Legacy is not about patting yourself on the back, resting on your laurels, or congratulating yourself for a job well done. Legacy is about pushing forward as far as you possibly can, and then leaping into the unknown with the steadfast faith that you can’t fail… Especially when you’re in the arms of God and surrounded by real friends..

Roo to the brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 100 Years Strong and Counting… You say Fraternity…I say Friendship is Essential to the Soul… Que Psi Phi til the day I die… I love it!!! I love it!!! I love it!!!!

Now back to the work of making sure the next 100 years is meaningful…

100 Years and Counting...