Check (Freewrite #1)

You let him in
It was as depressing for you
As it was exhilarating for him

Each thrust
Left you more unfulfilled
Than the last

He exploded
Leaving your cradle of life
and your heart cold

A good job?

College educated?

Cute, tall, dark skinned?

Good mannered and articulate?

No baby mama drama?

God fearing?

How could it be?

He met
Every criteria on your
Must have
Can not fail
Application for love

Every box
Filled in perfectly
Your friends
Gushed over how lucky you were
To have one another

You were
The power couple
Destined to take over the world
Representing everything
America stood for

Good looks
Fine education
and money

You forgot one thing
To be patient
To let go and let God
To rely on faith

What do you do
When man’s perfection
Doesn’t equate to God’s happiness?


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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