A Forgotten Poet.. and his Words


Once you free those words that are caged in your soul,
You will never get them back
You will never be able to cage or control them again
Never again will they allow you to dictate
Who they can associate with or
Where they can go

Once they are free from your grasp
Your words; those words
Will become confident and powerful beyond your crafty manipulation
They will take on a life of their own and
Leave you broke and
On the brink of starvation as they
Move on to bigger things

They will declare to the world their arrival
Emancipate themselves from your name
Refuse to give you anymore glory
Call you a liar every time you try to take credit for their existence

The next time you see your words
They will have forgotten you
They will be bigger
Than you could have ever imagined

World famous travelers
Circling the globe
Spreading the inspirational message that you
Spent years incubating in the pit of your soul to
Their legions of followers

When asked the question where did they come from
They will simply respond
“Author Unknown”

The first time you encounter
Your uncaged words
It will be devastating
It will feel as if someone stole
Your most prized possessions from under your nose
It will feel like someone ripped
Your heart right out of your chest
And left it
In the gutter of hopelessness

The more fame they gain
The more obscure and invisible you become
An eclectic poet
Who gave to the world
The most beautiful words
Ever written,
Taunted to death
By the very words you gave

The Doctors contend
It was old age

The truth is
You poured your whole soul into your words
and gave them to the world
and forgot to keep some
For yourself

You didn’t die
You were forgotten
But they still pay homage to the words
That were created by
The Author Unknown aka The Forgotten Poet


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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