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Rest in Peace Whitney

RIP Whitney

I only wish that people would find their compassion for others who fall on tough times before it’s time to say goodbye. Rest in Peace Whitney, I pray that you have finally found the peace you deserve and that your family and friends have the strength to push forward. You had your struggles, but we as a society are guilty of turning our backs on you. Now we have the nerve to sing your praises and to pour out our affection, as if to say we were always in your corner. Where were we yesterday?


I’m not interested in your bureaucracy,
You can keep it;

I won’t conform to your mediocrity;
I’ll exceed it;

I’m done listening to your hypocrisy,
I don’t believe it;

I won’t be denied by your idiocy,
You better believe I’ll achieve it;

I can’t be stopped by your devilish trickery
With God in my life, I’m undefeated…


If sanity means being self centered and selfish.  If sanity means screwing the people over to get to some mythical position of power.  If sanity means working yourself to death in the pursuit of meaningless activities and worthless materials that are, supposed to equate to your happiness (aka the American Dream); then I’ll happily choose insanity. At least when you’re insane you can take a break from conformity, take a breather from the rat race, do the things you want to do, and smile ear to ear for no reason.

Don’t you want to smile too? Let’s go crazy together.