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Go Crazy and Touch the Stars


Walk alone when you need to.
Dance by yourself if the urge hits you.
Let the music play in your head and sing it out loud.
Talk to yourself and listen.
Listen to the advice of others but trust in you.
Seek success on your own terms.
Create your own currency to measure your life.
Don’t be afraid to believe something your soul knows that your mind can’t comprehend.
Go crazy and leave sanity to those who seek mediocrity.
Break free, stand up, run forward….. Jump!!!

So what if you fall…
You can never reach the stars if your feet never leave the earth. ~ Sean King


The Dilemma

Artists are free to do things that would end most entertainers careers. Entertainers are free to do things that would make most artists quit their craft.  Does any of this make sense to you? — Sean King


If sanity means being self centered and selfish.  If sanity means screwing the people over to get to some mythical position of power.  If sanity means working yourself to death in the pursuit of meaningless activities and worthless materials that are, supposed to equate to your happiness (aka the American Dream); then I’ll happily choose insanity. At least when you’re insane you can take a break from conformity, take a breather from the rat race, do the things you want to do, and smile ear to ear for no reason.

Don’t you want to smile too? Let’s go crazy together.