How Could It Be?

Do you know what sucks?  

What sucks is spending your whole life
chasing that elusive thing you believe
will make you happy

That relationship
the acceptance letter
that scholarship
the degree
that job
the house
that marriage
the steps on the ladder
and those kids,

All perfectly laid out
right in front of you
each forward move
promising to make you happier than
the place you were previously at

Each new accomplishment
guaranteeing a greater level of joy
than the last thing you did

You pursue,
eyes closed and focused;
mouth open and charging;
eyes straight ahead reaching
for your prey – err your dream

So close!!  
A tweak here,
a change there and you’ll have it
that elusive thing called happiness

Almost catching your dream
spawns new hope,
making you believe
that you’re on the cusp of reaching
all that you’ve worked your whole life for…

And then “IT” happens
you finally catch your dream
you’re standing on the plateau
of your life’s work
all that you have fought against
has been defeated
all that you have fought for
is in your grasp as you stand
basking in the glow of your accomplishment  

The only problem is
you feel empty inside
confused, because you’ve done it all
and still lack that feeling of

How could it be?


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. I think “your prey – err your dream” is a great play on words Sean. I like this poem very much, it’s clean and clear yet evocative and thought-provoking.

    • Thank you, it was something that was on my mind and that I’ve thought about often. I wanted to explore the idea but stop short of answering the question. 🙂

  2. We live a whole life seeking happiness in every corner; we reach for vain just because searching corners waste our happy moments; so instead of enjoying a smile; we’ll be busy searching another and another…:(

    • True.. I personally think we are searching in the wrong places for the wrong things. Looking out instead of in. Trying to achieve it instead of being it.. Thank you..

  3. Chasing for the sake of the chase sometimes so it seems. For what will propel us and motivate us if not for pursuit of a dream? The alternative would be stillness. Everyone has something as an internal fire to drive and motivate.

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