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Either you are..or you’re not

Either you are..or you’re not

Deep poets don’t write about love and love poets don’t write anything that’s deep..

Wait, that’s preposterous – everything a poet writes is love and all love is deep and there is no such thing as a love poet or a deep poet; you are either a poet or you’re not.

Love Remains

I don’t see
The graceful flap
Of butterflies
Hovering over flowers
When love is on my

Even though,
I understand the
circular nature of time
And I’ve been to this
Place before
I’m an amnesiac
So I’m still living

Of the circle of
The soul’s cage
To be redefined

The soul
retains its identity
But with each trip
We lose the
Contents of our mind

We just lose our mind
But the love remains.

The Love Remains