No Guarantees

Don’t love someone and think you have tomorrow to tell them.
Don’t be mad at someone and think you have tomorrow to make it right.
Treat every encounter with every person like it’s gonna be the last time you will see them.
Life gives opportunities but it doesn’t make guarantees.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. Well said! Who knows if there’ll be a tomorrow?

    • Thank you and agreed. Looking back, some of the worst pain I’ve seen people experience is the pain of regret. It hurt my heart to watch someone at a funeral falling apart because they missed the opportunity to tell someone they loved that they were sorry and they loved them. By the same token, it’s tough to watch someone putting their life off until a tomorrow that may never happen.

      Good morning Karishma.

      • Regrets are the worst when nothing can be done about them anymore. You’ve inspired me to put up a post I’d written a few months ago (although pretty different from this which reminded me of it). You’re right, Sean; life needs to be lived today, but too many people put it off, and it’s tough to see that happen.
        A very good morning to you too!

      • Thank you. I’m looking forward to your post. Have a blessed and productive day.

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