What About Life?

In my opinion, these public shootings/massacres continue to happen because of how we react as a society. Everywhere we turn we’re talking about the shooter, how many people he injured, his motivation, and why would he do this and that.

I say F*CK him, lock him up, let him remain nameless, don’t tell his story, don’t show his pictures, and don’t give him the satisfaction of achieving his goal of being talked about. Instead, let’s highlight the lives of the victims of the crime. Let’s tell their story. Let’s highlight the positive aspects of their lives, how they lived, their dreams, aspirations, and what they were doing in the community.

As for the murderer? He should be nothing more than a footnote…

Such and such was executed for his role in the Colorado shooting.



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  1. Sean my heart goes out to these Colorado families. I couldn’t agree with you more that our focus should be placed on those who have passed and survived versus this evil man that lives. I sat here last night and this morning and just cried. Thinking how could someone do this?!

    Unfortunately and to my dismay, there have been very few stories (some on CNN & NBC) aimed at the individuals who died and the survivors. Some were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, home from active military duty or spending quality time with close friends and family.

    Our human nature draws us to gain knowledge about the perpetrator, wondering why someone would do something like this. But I urge us to turn away from this natural inclination and to not feed monsters by giving undeserving media attention. This only feeds and energizes other mentally ill people to carry out similar acts wishing to receive national notoriety.

    God please give strength to the families dealing with this devastation directly. May your loving hands bring comfort to them during this time of sorrow. I ask that you help these families celebrate their love one’s life by focusing how they lived while here on Earth. God you are the ultimate healer, protector and comforter. Please make yourself known to all those in need at this time. Amen!

  2. You are simply the best LaWanda. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

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