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I Don’t See Ugly

Celebrate Life


When I see you at your lowest point
I don’t see ugly
I see uncertainty
as you try to balance the weight
of walking God’s path
while simultaneously trying to fit into man’s world

When I see you at your lowest point
I don’t see ugly
I see insecurity
as the damage of the years
of negative attacks
from your peers
and even your family
start to weigh you down
with enough doubt
to make you wonder,
what if they’re right

When I see you at your lowest point
I don’t see ugly
I see a work in progress

Someone who’s battle tested
and scarred
yet still fighting

Someone who’s been beaten up
and kicked while they were down
but still getting up

Someone who’s been doubted
and told they would never amount to anything
yet still chasing their dreams

Someone who’s fallen short
and been labeled a failure
but still has the audacity to believe
God has a plan

When I see you at your lowest point
I don’t see ugly
I see someone
who needs to breathe
to remember all those other times
when you fell in a hole so deep
that you never thought the light would
find you again
just before you did something amazing

When I see you at your lowest point
I don’t see ugly
I see beauty
I see power
I see resilience
I see life
I see light
I see love
I see infinite possibilities

I see dreams,
Your dreams
coming to fruition

I see truth and destiny
just within arms reach

I see you,
right on the verge
ready to ignore your fear
just long enough to say I do
to your greatness…

and why not
you’ve already come this far..


Don’t Believe Them

Unless they’re telling you that you’re a descendant of Kings and Queens, are beautiful to your core, have an infinite history, and boundless potential; don’t believe them. They will try to convince you that you’re a monster and lucky to get the scraps off their plate, don’t believe them. They will tell you that you’re ugly because of your perceived physical deformities, an idea that you your skin is of a less favorable color, you have the wrong origin of birth or current country of residence, your weight, height, and/or or your age; don’t believe them. They will tell you that your scars and the weight you gained from becoming a mother makes you less attractive. Don’t believe them.

What and who you are is a child of God. You are unique and beautiful exactly as God created you. Hear it, learn it, believe it, accept it, and act like the Kings and Queens you are.

Kings and Queens

A Cruel World

Cruelty is convincing a beautiful young girl or a beautiful young boy that they are ugly because they don’t match your definition of beauty even though they look exactly the way God intended them to look.

Hateful is watching them struggle with their confidence and suffer from self esteem issues because you treat them as outcast rather than embrace and love them.

Evil is blaming them for being weak when they can no longer handle the burden of being constructed in God’s image when man clearly believes that fitting into his definition of perfection is more important than living God’s purpose.

What a cruel world we live in.