What’s Real

Keep them misinformed
Stir their emotions through lies
Fear means more than truth. ~ Sean King

I woke up, and against my better judgment I took a glimpse of the news this morning. As I suspected, the news was all about the suspect (the other suspect had already been killed) in the act of terror at the Boston Marathon.

What do I think? I think it’s time for me to read the Qur’an. To be clear, I believe in Christ, I believe in God, I have studied the bible end to end for understanding, I’m not a Muslim, and I don’t plan to become one. But all of these constant attempts to link every terrorists attack back to the Islamic faith has me wondering, what does does the Holy Book of Islam say on the matter. I suspect, like Christianity, Islam has people who have deviated from their faith and are no longer acting in accordance with the practices of their belief. If that is the case, it’s sad that the US government and many of the governments and media outlets of the western world describe these acts of terrorism as authentic acts of Islam.

It all makes me wonder, why isn’t every rape, every murder, every witch hunt, every act of violence against an abortion clinic, every cross burning, every lynching, every act of white supremacy, and every violent act committed by self proclaimed Christians also related back to the Christian faith. That is, if faith is truly the cause of all of these violent acts against humanity.

I say all of this to say, that I need to read the Qur’an, so that I can understand with my own eyes and own mind what is a component of the Islamic faith and what is propaganda.

Good morning family, today and everyday moving forward, we must be diligent about seeking truth everywhere where misinformation might be being disseminated and masqueraded as truth. The stakes are too high for us to continue accepting ignorance.



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  1. It did very much surprise me that they just had to mention that the Chechen boys where muslim.. why?! thats what i asked myself.. who cares that they are Muslims?! another question i wondered… But then it donned on me that the American media has an obsession with naming a Muslim whenever they need someone to take blame. I mean when the terror with the small children who were massacred by a boy no one gave a darn about what religion he was, they just wanted to figure out why he did what he did..It is just very surprising and kind of makes me not want to watch the news because i feel there is no truth to it, just brain washing.. As usual I enjoy your posts Sean.

    • Thank you. I knew as soon as the story broke, if the perpetrators had any Islamic ties we would hear about it.. I agree 1000% that the propaganda and intentional slant makes it difficult to trust or even watch the news.

      At any rate, I love your writing and value your input. Feel free to also jump over to my FB page if you ever feel inclined. https://www.facebook.com/anpu1911

      BTW: I hope you and your family are well. I’ve been praying for you all.

  2. Great article. I am proud of President Obama for stating in his comments yesterday post capture of Suspect no.2 that we shouldn’t judge a group of people based on the actions of 1 or 2. but the media ofcourse has its own agenda.

  3. Ah Sean. As a Muslim, reading this brought tears to my eyes. Thankyou for being so wise to see beyond the agendas and mud-slinging. It gives us hope to know that there are those willing to believe the best in us. Regards!

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