Let’s Be Beautiful

Good day beautiful people. I say beautiful, because no matter what mistakes you made yesterday, no matter how short you fell of your goals, no matter how mad someone made you or you are of yourself, today is a new day… and today you have the opportunity to be beautiful.

Today you have an opportunity to free yourself from the weight of yesterday by letting go of all the unnecessary baggage that’s weighing you down; fear, anger, disappointment, pain, insecurity, etc. Today you have an opportunity to forgive, others and yourself, and to accept yesterday for what it was; yesterday. Today you have an opportunity to be mentally and spiritually reborn. A chance to be kind, to give a hug, and to let somebody know that you love them. Today you can be beautiful.

I know it won’t be easy. I know yesterday will try to sink its claws into us and keep us from moving forward, but for today’s challenges we need to pack light. We need to bring only what’s needed. To look at all of that stuff and ask the question, is it moving me forward, is it making me better, is it helping me to feel as beautiful as God created me to be? If not then let it go immediately. Today we’ve only been given just enough time to embrace life, to love ourselves and others, to let go of yesterday, and to be exactly how God intended us to be. Beautiful.

Again, I say good day beautiful people. I say beautiful, because beautiful is what you are.



About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. what a perfect recognition of who we really are…tua neter…thank you for the post….our imagined identity, that divine self, loved up by a choice to do so…we are grateful for this knowledge, it makes a world of difference

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