To my Buddhist friends embracing the Four Divine Abidings and walking the Noble Eight Fold path to Nirvana, I walk with you and hope someday to be enlightened as well.

To my compassionate, generous, God loving Hindu friends who understand that God is everywhere.  To my dear friends from the old world who know everything we do is to know God. You have taught me love beyond the physical.  For you, I am thankful.

To my misunderstood Muslim friends who are being attacked because of the misdeeds of those who’ve deviated from the true essence of Islam, please continue to love and to submit to the will of Allah, and I will continue to stand with you as your brother.

To my Sikh friends who believe all human races are equal and who understand God has made us perfect as we are, I hope one day we will all get it.

To my Jehovah Witness friends striving to live their lives with discipline and virtue, I know there is much I can learn from you.

To my Christian friends who understand our beliefs go beyond saving ourselves and OUR true purpose is to live unselfishly as Jesus did, I hope my legacy will be that I willingly sacrificed my life for causes greater than myself.

To my on the fence believers, I’ll walk with you until you find the answers you seek.  I’ll stand with you in the shadows until you find your light.  I will not let the practice of religion tear the children that God created apart.

To my non-believing friends who’ve been scarred by their hurtful interactions with so called “believers”, I know you’ve been lied to. I know you’ve been attacked in the name of the most high. I know your pain runs to the pit of your soul and I hurt with you.  I simply pray that one day you’ll be able to look beyond the fallacies of man and to embrace the infinite love of God.

To my Atheist friends, even though we disagree in some of the most fundamental ways, I respect that you still strive to live your life with the values of love and work to uplift others. We may not agree on God, but I’ve seen your heart and I accept you as is.

To anyone I’ve missed, I love you as you are and as you will be, and only hope that you find peace and that you’re working to leave a positive legacy on humanity as I am.

To everyone, I apologize if I’ve misrepresented you in any way.  My heart is in the right place, but I still have much to learn about your beliefs.  Forgive me, for I am only a man.


About Sean King

Husband, Father, Writer, Philosopher, Humanitarian

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  1. Thank you. Very inspiring in the midst of so much hateful rhetoric that smacks us in the face every day.

  2. This was a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting it.

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