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Mirror Mirror


When you learn to accept the person you see in the mirror. When you learn to see your beauty beyond all of the doubt, fear, self hate, insecurity, and past mistakes. When you learn to like and even love the person you see…

You will no longer have a need to be accepted by everyone else. You will no longer have a need to spend all of your money trying to buy beauty nor happiness. You will no longer be vulnerable to everyone’s negative perceptions of you nor susceptible to all of the false advertisement and BS telling you that you would be better off if you bought this product, if you made X amount of money, if you had such and such career title, if you lived in this house, or drove that car…

No, if you learn to love the person you see you will simply radiate everywhere you go. You will repel all of the BS trying to put it’s hands on you and pull you down. You would feel like a King or a Queen in every situation in life, up or down…

You would be in control of how you lived your life, and they will hate you for your confidence…

…and you know what?  You won’t care because you’ll look in the mirror and say I’m Beautiful, I love myself, I love the way God made me, I am the Sun… ~ Sean King


Who Am I


These days life is taking me further away from my affiliations and bringing me closer to my family, friends, and love. I’m starting to find that all of the labels provide little insight into who I am and even less value to me personally. Poet, Christian, Que Dog, Black Man, Manager, Engineer, Activist, American, or whatever else I’ve been called.

Who am I? I am a child of God trying to use the gifts God gave me to walk in the light and to be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. I am an incomplete work of art being painted one stroke at a time. I am a traveler who hasn’t yet reached my destination, therefore my story is incomplete. I can not change what I’ve done or where I’ve been, but every second is a new stroke that leaves my portrait slightly more finished.

Who am I? We’ll have to wait and see what the portrait looks like when it’s complete. Even then, the interpretation will be debatable to everyone but the painter. Even then, only God will know what he intended me to be.

Who am I? I am not an artist, I am a piece of art in God’s collection of love.

I Ain’t Scared

I have to be honest. I don’t have all the answers to this thing we call life. I sometimes get discouraged and suffer from doubt when significant obstacles are placed in my path. I don’t always exceed or even reach my expectations. I’ve made some mistakes that I’m not proud of. I’ve let people down and gotten upset over petty stuff. Yes, I have been lost, not knowing which way to go, and hopeless, unsure if I could even carry on…

But each time I fall down I get up, I regroup, and I press forward. Like I said, I’ve made my share of mistakes in life, and I’ve had my doubts, but the one thing I won’t do is rollover and quit.

If life wants to stop me, it’s gonna have to beat me down until I’m unable to get up. Until then we just gonna keep fighting because I’m not backing down and I Ain’t Scared!